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    Anja Corbijn

    Content strategist

    Independent content strategist, twitterer and investment writer. Enjoys bringing content marketing and content strategy from theory to practice. Specialises in the financial sector: asset management, sustainable investment and long-term value creation. Develops formats, conducts interviews and is an adept copy editor. Loves print, 20th century applied art and fashion.

    Troublesome or sweet as a child?

    Troublesome, I think. As a child, I drove my mother crazy by continuously being inquisitive, incessantly asking “why?” I am simply a curious person and I always have been. It’s why I’m addicted to Twitter: I don’t want to miss any breaking news.

    Is this your ideal profession?

    My dream job was being a journalist until, at the age of 12, I spent a week on the local editorial staff of the Gooi- en Eemlander newspaper and I covered a council meeting. Doubts set in and I decided to study Dutch at the University of Amsterdam.

    I graduated with my degree in the middle of an economic crisis (I have three majors) and it was difficult to find work. Eventually, I landed a job as an editor with an investment magazine, ‘Beursplein 5’. It was there that I became better acquainted with the financial world. Thereafter, I worked for a large communications agency (MPG.Today) in the content marketing department; I created content in multiple mediums including print, digital, video, sound slides, podcasts. The form always reinforced the message.

    Are you an idealist or a realist?

    I work in finance, and in recent years emphasis has been placed on long-term value creation and sustainable investment. Of course, it is good if we do our bit on an individual level and diligently recycle and remain conscientious. But the large entities (pension funds, insurers, banks and corporates) must also take coordinated action. Once major funds start to funnel their capital into sustainable initiatives, we will collectively be going in the right direction.

    Growing up in the 1970’s and being raised by a single mother, I am an idealist to some extent. I believe that change must come from the inside out, and that people generally have good intentions – but people often misunderstand each other.

    How do you prefer to work?

    As a magazine editor, I learned that deadlines are your friend – not the enemy. That’s why I prefer to place my content in a structured format. With a recurring formula, the recipient knows what to expect from you. Repetition and familiarity are powerful, and content discipline is better achieved internally when there is a fixed frequency.

    Good content which is not full of abbreviations and jargon certainly plays an important role in the financial world. Across the board: in pitches, in client communication, in trade magazines. A client often wants to show what they have to offer. I would like it to be evident why someone is talented in their trade by capturing their enthusiasm. You would rather buy a car from someone who is crazy about cars than from someone who is crazy about their commission, right?

    What do you add to a team?

    I am an idea generator; if I listen to someone for a while, I can think of numerous possibilities, subjects, possible collaborations, and so on. I can be accelerating factor, but also a calming one. For example, I can slow down the team if I see that the plans are too ambitious or cannot be realised within the time available. I am also a great advocate of reusing content. Sometimes there are brilliant things left on the shelf, and it is just a matter of dusting them off.

    What’s the link to Stark Narrative?

    Stark is a collective of strong professionals who have more than earned their credentials in the financial sector and beyond. I have known Omara for many years and I am continuously impressed by her knowledge of the business and people, as well as the ease with which she navigates this complex field. We also like to laugh a lot together – which is very important in this serious sector.