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    Rob Stallinga

    Investment writer

    Categories: Content

    A prominent financial journalist and content manager in the Dutch market for over three decades.

    Initially worked as a radio journalist in the early 90s, when financial journalism was not mainstream. He has previously worked with Reed Business, Geld, Quote, Management Scope, was the deputy editor in chief of Quote Personal Finance (QPF), and editor in chief of Safe. He is currently an editor at IEXProfs.

    What drives you?

    I like to look at the economy as if it is a game of chess: every decision always has both a up and a downside and a move can weaken your defense. One good example is the way economists are currently approaching the issue of inflation. The economy is full of apparent contradictions. And financial markets are equally interesting in that way. Why do stock prices fluctuate? What is the psychology behind trades and how does sentiment impact them? The economy is not just numbers. The collective impact that investors have on markets must also be calculated in. I find this dynamic highly fascinating.

    What were you like growing up?

    I was a very well-behaved child, but I was raised to be a critical thinker. I was curious, but not mischievous. I was independent at an early age, I just figured things out and learned to find my own way. I don’t tend to avoid conflict and I am very straightforward in expressing my thoughts. I am not the subservient type.

    Is this your dream job?

    Although I became a journalist by accident, writing about finance and the economy really is what I enjoy doing most. I have had a fantastic ride so far. In my opinion, launching and running a financial magazine is one of the nicest jobs in the world.

    Are you an idealist or a realist?

    I am both. I like to stick to the facts when I write – the realist in me compels me to do this. I aim to keep my stories simple, clear and of added value for the purpose of education. I also firmly believe my work should contain a level of purpose and direction. Although I am a true believer in sustainability, I remain critical when I write about it because there is still so much to be done.

    What do you like most about your job?

    I prefer writing in a silent, peaceful environment – I can’t be too distracted. On the other hand, journalism is also a very social line of work, and speaking to others in person is much more fun and most conducive for creativity. I am not an artist, but the creative side of my work really motivates me. I dislike receiving feedback rounds, or quote and factchecks after an interview that are not constructive. This can lead to the interesting quotes being removed or randomly changed, leaving me with a piece that is of little relevance. Unfortunately, this happens quite often.

    Why are you a Friend of Stark?

    I thrive best when I write alone, but I also really enjoy participating in a team. I’d like to do more with new digital media in the future. Content creation aimed at educating a younger audience, perhaps in video format. I predominantly write, but I also have great memories of my days in broadcast. I am looking forward to working with the Stark team on channeling new ideas for multi-media content production.