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    As per 1 October the Friends of Stark platform has officially launched. The initiative is a structured extension of the network associated with the public relations firm Stark Narrative.

    Friends of Stark is an expanding collective of independent professionals active in various disciplines including content creation, event production, consultancy, design and photography. The platform functions based on the simple premise of supply and demand: it showcases an individual’s skills and work experience, thereby enabling them to be identified for suitable work opportunities in an efficient way.

    Omara Nahar, founder and Managing Director of Stark Narrative: “We strive to identify and work with the best niche support in the market, when and where necessary. While Friends of Stark professionals maintain their independence, they have been valued as trusted collaborators with our firm for many years. We are grateful that we now have the ability to formalize the concept. The fact that the platform allows us to broaden the scope of our combined professional networks is of course a huge benefit. I’m very pleased that this initiative has finally come to fruition, and I hope that we can quickly bring new ‘friends’ on board who will work with us in the years to come.”

    Upon its launch, the platform hosts five ‘friends’ and this is expected to expand to 15 professionals by the second half of 2022. The platform is open and accessible to all parties seeking to tap into ‘Friends of Stark’ talent in the Benelux region.